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Box 5 face masks "InMsk" - PULPY

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Box 5 face masks, Excellent to moister and repulp the face



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A silk tissue mask, very pleasant for its sweetness, fitted to the face as a second skin; it is highly soaked with a concentrated serum which helps to moisturize the skin intensely to obtain a “pulpy”, sweet and sublime effect !!! You feel has having a new skin!!!

 - Ideal for all ages, all skin types
 - To carry around in all circumstances ...a real beauty elixir!
 - 15-20 min pause, can be applied two times a week, a month cure helps you keeping a fresh and luminous face

Liquorice root
( GLYCRYRRHIZA URALENSIS / native from Asia, used in Chinese traditional medicine; lightening and anti-oxidant agent. Liquorice root soothes and soften the skin. Moistening, it maintains the water concentrationof the skin.
Chamomile flower: a soothing active principle that curbs the micro-inflammations and calm the irritated epidermis. Chamomile contains moisturizing properties that allows to relax and deeply soften the skin.

 Factory certified ISO 22716