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COLLAGENE (bio-cellulose mask)

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The unmissable anti-age mask for mature skins


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11,50 € tax incl.

A silk tissue mask , very pleasant for its sweetness, fitted to the face as a second skin; it is highly soaked with a concentrated serum which efficiently helps fighting from aging ; it's a care which allows the skin to back up to its elasticity, flexibility and firmness. Tissues are immediately moisturized and wrinkles are reduced. The face becomes smooth and bounced.

- Made for all skin types , ideal for mature skins

- Do use it now to fight against aging

- 15-20 min pause ; can be applied two times a week , a month cure helps the face to recover its freshness and its youth

Chicory: anti-inflammatory, chicory moisturizes dried and inflamed skins.
Black eider flowers: eider flower is often used to cure eczema and burns. Eider is used for cosmetic to clear the complexion and attenuate wrinkles.
Hamamelis leaves and barks: hamamelis tighten the pores of the skin.
Hydrolyzed collagen: composed of pure collagen proteins, this mask stimulates the production of endogenouscollagen to “repulp” the dermis and thus restore tissues elasticity and firmness.

 Factory certified ISO 22716