Hi Beauty Addicts!

Today, let’s talk about the Layering! Within InMsK team, we are addicted to this concept! But what is the Layering concept?

More than a trend, this is a beauty custom which is coming from Japan. It aim to follow 7 essential steps to obtain a perfect skin.

Steps including the following:

1-     Cleansing

2-     Face cleaning

3-     Lotion

4-     Serum

5-     Eye contour

6-     Moisturisation

7-     Lip Balm

It looks quiet long but when you use to do the ritual, you will finish it in 10 minutes J

Of course, each person has a different skin type. So, cosmetic you will use will be different and adapted to each needs. Dry skins for instance will choose a routine of moisturisation (steps 6) different from oily skins while knowing one wants to reduce discomfort sensation and the other one needs to regulate excess of sebum.

Regarding the cleansing, you can choose the natural vegetable oil option. We can assure you, your skin won’t be attacked. This is certified by InMsk team!

About the cleaning of your face, choose a care adapted to your skin type (as explained previously).

Let’s go to the lotion step! InMsk will provides you a quicker solution (and everyone knows that this is so important to save time when you running around all the day). Actually, our Hyaluronic Acid Lotion Serum will allows you to combine your lotion and your serum. In this way, you will be able to go to the fifth step. The skin’s best friend!

About the eye contour step, you must apply your care as gently as possible to respect your skin. Actually, this is a sensitive area of your face, it is important to not attack it.  At first, apply thoroughly your care on your lower lid. Then, gently massage your eyes allowing surply product penetrate the skin.

Let’s move to one of the most important step of your beauty ritual: MOIS TU RI SA TION. For the product you use, we leave you the choice, it’s up to you. Each person has his preferences regarding the texture or fragrance for instance. Like the application of your eye contour, use soft movements and your skin will thank you for it!

Finally, do use your lip balm. You will have several options. You can apply your care just before bedtime in a generous layer. Then, when you wake up, your lips will be perfectly moisturized. Or you can apply your care richly to lips all day long. It’s up to you! Your lips will looks wonderful J

About the lipstick-aholic, do apply a thin layer of your lip balm before your lipstick.

Also, keep in mind that you can add to your Layering ritual for maximum effect, sheet masks to do one to twice a week for one to three months. That is why, we leave you the choice between our 5 masks Pulpy, Fresh, Collagène or Brightening and Skin’s best Friend (Hyaluronic Acid). Each mask is adapted to your skin issues so you will be able to find just what your skin requires!


See you soon!


InMsK team


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