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Cleaning and anti-aging device that will leave your skin visibly beautiful, luminous, soften and rejuvenated. The cleaning mode diffuses T-sonic TM pulsations for a deeper cleaning, 10 times more efficient than a normal cleaning. It improves the abortion of your favorite care products. In anti-age mode, it diffuses pulsations at lower frequencies that promotes blood circulation on the areas suitable for wrinkles, to help reducing the signs of aging. A regular usage is the promise of a fresh and luminous complexion from the first use; it also installs the bases for a rejuvenated skin on the long term. Each device is equipped with a brush designed to correspond to a type of skin: normal, sensitive, mixed or oil skin type with a strategic graduation of finer or thicker pins, in order to clean efficiently the skin according to its needs. In order to optimize the benefit of LUNA TM 2, we recommend you to use it during 2min in the morning and in the evening. You can choose between 12 intensities for a better effectiveness. Due to its design made of silicone and non-porous medical which dries quickly and resists to the formation of bacteria, LUNA TM 2 is 35 times more hygienic than other cleaning devices. LUNA TM 2 is 100% waterproof, and a complete charge allows up to 450 use (USB cable to reload is provided with the device).