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Brush for the face eliminates more efficiently the impurities, to revive the good circulation of the blood and thus, to relax the lines as well as to soften and smooth the skin. Using is simple, you must first remove make-up carefully as usually done. Then moisten your face and the brush before applying a dab of cleaner. Press the start button, the rhythm is 130 light vibrations per second. It is suitable not to abuse sensitive skins. Hold the brush near the skin to be cleaned, without press too much and carry on light circular movements to eliminate impunities.

"deep cleansing" : soft fiber brush head, 130 times slight vibration per second, no stimulation to the skin, better penetrate into pore of skin for cleansing, achieve good effect using cleanser products.

"perfect for make-up" : using your BB cream, foundation, dry, wet powdery cake and broken powder use, let your make up more delicate and natural.