ALSO RIGHT RIGHT is a company created in March 2016 by Anne Lemoine, who started the online shop: ‘monmasque.com’ dedicated to the beauty masks.

In Asia, beauty rituals are FULLY part of the daily life of all women; and Korea is the world's leading country for innovation; MonMasque.com wants to promote innovative and effective beauty products, introduce the cult care of the Asian continent, the ultimate beauty secret of Asian women. We want to help consumer to find ideal and personalized beauty routine!

We created a french brand inspired by the kbeauty: InMsK and adapt the shape and the formula of face mask for the european market. The formula of our mask are made by korean biologists. We launched different type of mask in silk or in bio-cellulose:

• PULPY: intensive moisturiser

• FRESH: cleansing and purifying

• COLLAGENE: anti-aging

• BRIGHTENING: Illuminator


Korean ladies use lot of accessories. We also propose those accessories to prepare and clean the skin.

You can find all our products on the website: www.monmasque.com

What is the general background to our innovation?

Our Manufacturers are commited to integrate the beauty into life. Improve and enhance the quality of life by using natural, safe and clean products.

Founded in 2003, those companies specialized in the manufacturing of cosmetics & Nano technologies, persist in innovation, improvement and change in order to meet the actual market demand. We always insist on the business philosophy of « Quality for Survival, Credibility for Development, Management for Efficiency ». In recent years, we have growing business activities with various famous companies. We are dedicated to provide professional products and personalized service for all interested in the development of beauty industry, in order to established mutually beneficial cooperative relations.

Excellent Quality & Strict Quality Management

Our manufacturer have been certified by the United States and EU cosmetics GMPC ISO22716 (Cosmetics Good Manufacturing Practices Certification). Their quality management system is in international standards which can effectively and strictly control the product quality, in order to provide high quality to our customers.

Diversification of Product Selection

For product selection, we can provide wide range of products.

Comprehensive After-Sales Service

We understand that customer is not only looking for high quality but also a responsible and thoughtful salesperson who can solve all the problem that customer may encountered. All of our salesperson always sticks to the spirit of customer first, in order to provide the best service to them.

We are actually looking for clients and partners (OEM & ODM); distributors / agent.