Purifying Mask

Purifying sheet mask face, for a clear and luminous face

Using a purifying sheet mask face allows a fresh feeling thanks to the support in bio cellulose that helps to calm and gently clean the face. You regularly apply a purifying mask in order to remove face’s impurities. This reflex is useful for people that have acne and an oily skin.

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Advantages of the purifying facial sheet mask

It is a real asset for oily skins and with imperfections, the purifying facial sheet mask can make true little miracles, if used properly. In fact when you develop the habit of doing this care for a few minutes, one or twice a week, you can see convincing results: it improves the appearance of the skin with less spots, and a matte complexion. First of all, the advantage to use a sheet mask is: the simplicity of use. If you want to enjoy the sheet mask, try this model: InMsk FRESH, the bio cellulose mask, shape your face’s form.


How to remove durably face imperfections?

Moisturizing, anti-aging or purifying, the mask is a major friend that maintains your skin healthy.

Everyone is looking for taking care of their skin, they have at least one beauty face mask in their toilet kit. But to put an end to acne, oily skin and others imperfection, the purifying Fresh mask is essential. The effects are visible if we apply the mask once a week at least. The solution is easy to use, everyone can easily take the time to apply the mask for 15-20 minutes, in order to allow to the skin its initial balance. If you use regularly a purifying mask, it may be judicious to hydrate the skin between two applications, with an adapted cream for the skin.