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Hydration face mask benefits 

Take care of your skin on everyday basis is essential; due to the absence of good habits the skin tends to be dull, to show imperfections, redness, or to be painful (people with very dry skin). Among the essentials in the toilet kit, we find indisputably the hydration face mask PULPY. According to our skin type we choose different products for our face care routine, but hydration solutions are usually for every skin type. 

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Why use a hydration mask?

The main goal of a mask is to fight against every skin aggression, like the pollution, stress or tiredness. When we regularly apply a hydration mask, the skin becomes soft and more generally get a better complexion.  For people with local problems, it’s better to apply the U zone mask, where the skin is more fragile.


To obtain better results following a facial care, you can use a sheet mask. This method from Asian countries, is very easy: you just have to put the mask on the face, referring to the little holes for the nose, lips, and the eyes. You can try, for instance, the silk mask to hydrate the skin and enjoy the softness sensation while the treatment is penetrating.


The duration of the care.

The hydration mask improves skin tonicity in depth. It is essential to leave it on the skin for 20 or 30 minutes, in order to let the product penetrate, as the others hydration care.

The time depends on your skin type: if your skin is extremely dry, you can let the mask on the skin more than 20 min. However at the end of this long care, it is important to rinse with a water treatment and a cotton, dabbing the humid parts of the skin without rubbing, to avoid a new skin’s aggression.