What kind of face beauty accessories should we put in the toilet kit? 

The toilet kit is something that everyone organize and fill according to the profile, habits and necessities. However, there are some essential elements that we necessarily need one day:  for example a cleaning face brush. Do think about every useful accessories to take care of our skin daily.


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Skin care: essential products

Regarding to face beauty accessories, some of them are adapted to everyone: for instance the cleaning brush, mainly use for all skins sensitized due to environmental aggressors, pollution and even stress. It is perfect to use with a scrub, for a visibly clear complexion without imperfection.

It is also important to have a facial cleanser. Even if you don’t have a lot of time to spend on the bathroom, the softness of a purifying and hydrating lotion will always be appreciated by your skin. This initiative takes only a few minutes.


More sophisticated beauty accessories

The facial cleaning brush is not enough for you? Are you someone who takes time, every day for self-care? Discover our various accessories perfect to be pampered with visible and convincing results.

First of all, the automated movements of the electric face brush, often provides better results than those obtained manually.

The body and face slimming device MIRIAM is even more innovative,  a major ally to firm up the cheeks, fight against double chin problems, and to reduce cellulite.

If you like to enjoy some relaxing moments of softness with your beauty rituals, you should choose a massage device with multiple functions: it relaxes and clean simultaneously. It is up to you to choose between a small format (MINI) or a bigger model (MAX).