KBeauty secret
In nude modeAt first, thoroughly remove make-up.
Infallible tricksUse the face cleansing brush and eliminate all impurities. For a better effect, do make a face scrub once a month.
The key gestureApply the acid hyaluronic lotion to optimise the absorbtion of all active principes by your skin.
Use the maskOpen the bag, unfold the mask and pull out the protection film.
Relaxation pausePlace the mask on your face and leave it for 30min.
Ready in a winkRemove the mask, gently massage your face and neck allowing surply product penetrate the skin.


ALSO RIGHT is a company created in March 2016 by Anne Lemoine, who started the online shop: ‘www.monmasque.com’ dedicated to the beauty masks.

In Asia, beauty rituals are FULLY part of the daily life of all women; and Korea is the world's leading country for innovation;
MonMasque.com wants to promote innovative and effective beauty products, introduce the cult care of the Asian continent, the ultimate beauty secret of Asian women.  We offer masks facial care for all skin types, unusual beauty accessories, all coming from exquisite Korean brands to discover, such as InMsk or even SHI LEI BAI SI.

We want to help you find your ideal and personalized beauty routine!

A TEAM THAT TAKES CARE of your beauty!)